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Are you a diving instructor? Become a Deepspot Partner!

special offer for partners
priority access to the Deepspot
access to training
Register to get a cooperation offer

What do you get?

You - the instructor
Exceptional, comfortable conditions for conducting your courses & trainings

Warm, always available facility adopted to diving training & courses

Access to the new, high quality diving equipment

No more carrying heavy equipment! All you need for your training is waiting for you and your clients here!

A special price offer for you and your clients

45 meters of fun

Schedule your Deepspot training today!
Ask Agnieszka for details: [email protected]


The most important advantages


Deepspot is the perfect place to start learning or to upgrade your diving skills!

32-34 Degrees Celcius

Deepspot guarantees stable water temperature throughout its depth. It is probably the only diving place in Poland without a thermocline!

8000 m3 of water

Highest water quality, perfect visibility. Come and check it out!

For everyone

Everyone will find something in our offer: beginners have the opportunity to try diving or do their first course, certified divers can not only enjoy the pool, but also train to improve their skills!

underwater viewing tunnel

You don't know yet if you want to start diving? Enter our underwater tunnel and watch diving enthusiasts!


An excellent restaurant, an underwater hotel, spacious meeting rooms - enjoy all the facilities of Deepspot

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions

1.How can I start working with you on a B2B basis?
If you are a certified instructor, you can become a Deepspot partner. Send us your application via the form.
2.Do I have a special entry price as an instructor?
Yes, your instructor price is £50/entry.
3.Where can I find the B2B form?
You can find the B2B form on our website under "instructor zone".
4.Do I need a registered account?
Yes, you must register an account in our booking system to receive a collaboration form.
5.Where do I get the form I need to fill in?
We will send you the form to your email that you entered in the registration.
6.What do I need to do next once I have received the documents?
Once you have received your documents, read them and send them back to the email address provided, once they are accepted your special instructor discount will appear in the system. On your next visit.
7.How long will it take for me to receive a response about my instructor account approval?
You will receive a response about setting up your instructor account within 2-3 working days.
8.What is the maximum number of students I can take on my training?
You can train a maximum of 4 students at a time.
9.Where can I make a booking to run a training course?
You make a booking by logging in to our website, then select the "book online" tab The system directs you to step 4, where you select the "Your trainings" tab.
10.As a B2B instructor, am I counted when selecting the number of participants?
No, you only choose the number of your students.
11.Is the instructor fee automatically included in the booking?
Yes, the price of the instructor is automatically included when finalising your order at 50.00 PLN.
12.What are the entrance fees for my students?
Mon-Fri off-peak: 159.00 PLN peak: 189.00 PLN, Sat: 219.00 PLN, Sun: 8:00-15:00 -219.00 PLN, 16:00-23:00 - 189.00 PLN.
13.Can I change the date of my booking?
If you wish to change the date of your booking, it is important that you inform us in advance by writing to [email protected]
14.Is there a fee for changing the booking date?
Yes, the price depends on how much advance notice you give us. The rescheduling price list can be found on under "price list"
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