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You dive - you gain!

deepspot loyalty program

Zobacz jak działa nasz program lojalnościowy
01 dive in Deep spot

Whether you prefer SCUBA or Freediving.
You dive with or without an instructor.
You come with an organized group or only from the Buddha.
Dive the way you like and earn points!

Book to get more points
02 For every visit to
you get a point

Each dive in the Deepspot is one point on your account.
You don't have to register, you don't have to remember anything. All you have to do is provide the same e-mail address for each registration - it is thanks to him that we identify you in our reservation system and we will add your points to it

03 For 10 points
free diving!

For collecting 10 points you will get a diving voucher for free. Immediately after confirmation
On the 10th visit you will get an email
with your voucher for your next Deepspot dive

explore deepspot
and start a great adventure

Always perfect weather, clear and warm water (32-34 ° C), always perfect conditions for diving. The best instructors and modern, new equipment are always available on site. Plus the depth, wreck and caves, ropes and the Freediver elevator. The best place for beginners and experienced divers who love SCUBA and Freediving.

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Frequently asked questions

The loyalty program is an offer for people who frequently visit Deepspot! Do you train regularly? After the tenth dive, you will get another free entry to the Deepspot. You don't have to worry about anything! Our system counts your visits so that after the 10th visit you will receive a free e-mail entry from the machine!
Who is the LOYALTY PROGRAM for?
The loyalty program is for every SCUBA and Free diver. For a professional, but also for a person starting their adventure with diving.
What entries to the Deepspot will be included in the LOYALTY PROGRAM?
The loyalty program includes all entries to the Deepspot. Both First Dive, Course Entries, Buddha or Instructor Passes. Did you dive into the Deepspot water? You are one step closer to a free entry!
Remember to record your dives with the same email address; it is thanks to him that we identify you in our reservation system and we will add your points to it.
How can I use the LOYALTY PROGRAM?
Visit the Deepspot at least 10 times. Our system will see your tenth dive and will automatically send you a free ticket by email. The loyalty program is assigned to the person using the Deepspot - the number of visits counts, not purchases!
Where can I find the rules of the LOYALTY PROGRAM?
Regulations are available HERE
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