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Discover freediving

Freediving is a breath-hold dive. The First Dive Freediving program was created for people who have never dived in this way before and are curious if it is a sport for them. During the two hours that you will spend with a qualified, experienced instructor, you will learn the essence of this sport. The classes are divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. During the theoretical part, you will learn where this sport comes from, you will learn the techniques of practicing it and methods of relaxation allowing you to improve your results. During the practical part, our instructor will take you under the water to a maximum depth of 5 meters, so that you can experience the feeling of freedom, freedom and tranquility on your own skin.

Product details

During the course, participants will learn how to prepare for a breath hold dive, learn how to properly hold their breath and equalize pressure, learn relaxation techniques that improve Freediver’s results. The first dive is an experience of static breath hold and an unforgettable experience of diving with a rope to a depth of 5 meters under the constant supervision of an instructor! The first Freediving dive is the first small step towards future freediving. Thanks to it, you will make sure that this sport is just for you!

  • maximum depth in meters

  • Minimum age

    10 y.o.
  • Take with you

    flip-flops, costume, towel, optional: rash vest / lycra t-shirt


    120 min
  • The maximum number of participants per 1 instructor

  • After completing the class, you will receive:

    Certificate of completion of a dive in the Deepspot
  • Price

    from 339 PLN (off-peak hours)
    to 369 PLN (rush hours)

Day schedule

  • Familiarize yourself with the materials that we will make available to you online. Complete the statements that we will also attach. Remember to take them with you!

  • Arrive 60 minutes before the class start time and report to the reception desk.

  • 15 mins before entering Deepspot, go to the changing room. Relax, use our shower area.

  • At the start time of the class, go to the Deepspot board and wait for the instructor. Continue to follow his tips and have fun!

  • Rest after diving in our restaurant!

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